Burn-up chart for micro tasks

Burn-up chart tracks your progress in completing tasks.

Currently my major task is grading final (and midterm!) exams. I proceed by grading each problem for all students. I really want to know my progress (so I won’t slack off that much), i.e., the number of students I have graded. But the tasks in my case is quite small they should be called micro tasks.

I just wrote a simple web with javascript that tracks the progress for these tasks. When you get one micro task done, just click a button and the app would produce the progress over time as in the following chart. It also shows the straight line based on the estimated velocity that you entered.


It uses jQuery as a javascript library and Google Chart API for generating charts.

Try it (for fun) at http://theory.cpe.ku.ac.th/~jittat/burnup/ (Note that it has very minimal feature set.)

The code is at github: http://github.com/jittat/micro-burnup/tree

Now I should get back to grading.